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Aussie Ex Pat's
If you are an Australian ex pat looking to finance a property purchase back home in Australia Balance Property & Finance can help you.
We have many lenders at our disposal that are very keen to help Australian citizens buy a property, whether the property is just for investment or with the idea to return home to Aus to live.
We are able in some cases to access 90% loans even while you are living overseas.
Buying a property while you are located offshore can have many benefits, such as -
  •  Stopping the property price increasing while you are away
  •  You may have a favorable exchange rate giving you better borrowing capacity
  •  Large tax deductions can be built for your return
  •  No need to find rental accommodation on your return if you do not own another property.

Like all borrowers we highly recommend you cover your current borrowing capacity before looking for a property. This will help you avoid disappointment and know what price range you are able to search in. See "How Much Can I Borrow".

As you are an Aussie Ex Pat you are not constrained in the type of property you can purchase and it does not matter if it is brand new or existing. You may also still be able to access the First Home Owners Grant depending on your return date.
Lastly, if you have been lucky enough to find not just work but also love while you are overseas, Balance Property & Finance can talk to you about the guidelines of purchasing with a non resident.
Please contact us for further information on any of the information contained above.

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