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Australian Permanent Residency Visa's
Congratulations on obtaining your visa. You can now enjoy some of our famous traditions like wearing thongs!
If you have just applied, hang in there, it can take some time.
If you have received your visa you will no doubt be in one of the following stages -
  •  Just received visa and planning when to migrate to Australia. Many people will stay in their current country and employment for some time before actually permanently moving to Australia. In this situation covering your borrowing capacity is the essential first step. 
  •  Received visa and have already been looking at property. You may have just found a property or already started the contract process. Now is absolutely critical that you cover your financing options and gain pre approval fast. Please use our "Need Finance Fast?" page.
  •  Received visa and you have already migrated to Australia. If this covers your situation please see "Newly Arrived Migrant".

For all Australian permanent residency visa holders there are a couple of issues to consider when migrating to Australia and securing finance. Do you want to purchase before you leave, as soon as you arrive, or have a couple of months to look around after arriving?  This will determine your next step. Purchasing before you arrive can be the easiest path in many cases and create useful tax deductions.

Your employment situation is the single most important aspect to consider in the finance process.

The key factors in regards to employment are -
  •  If your employment in Australia will be with the same employer (eg: a transfer)?
  •  If your employment will be with a new employer but in the same/similar role and industry? 
  •  If you move, gain employment in a new position or in a new industry or if you are intending to be self employed. This can potentially be the more difficult pathway.
All of the above scenarios need to be covered in full with each applicant as they can have a huge effect on when the best time to apply for finance will be and also your chances at making a successful application.
Please contact us to discuss your options when planning your arrival to Australia.

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