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Bank Interest Audit

Every client that has Balance Property & Finance arrange their mortgage receives a FREE bank interest audit at the 12 month anniversary of when their loan settled.
We conduct an audit of your last 12 months statements to make sure the lender has not overcharged on interest over the year (happens a lot more then may be expected).
If you are not a client of Balance Property & Finance we can still perform this service for you at a fee of $90. However if you allow us to conduct a Free Loan Health Check and we find a better loan for you and we help you refinance we will conduct this audit FREE on your last 12 months statements from your old lender once your new loan settles. You will still get another FREE audit on the new loan once it reaches 12 months as well.

This may just literally save you hundreds and the banks can charge up to $200 p/hr to conduct these audits. We have personally used this on our own loans and have also found overcharges totaling in the hundreds for 1 year. 
If you are like many people you may be tempted to think that "this can't happen to me" or that this "isn't a real problem and it's being blown out of proportion." Before you make that mistake please consider this. Recently a major Australian bank found they had overcharged fees on 55,000 customer's accounts.


We are frequently asked "will the banks actually give me my money back?" The answer is of course they will ... as long as you can prove to them that they have made a mistake.

There have been numerous newspaper articles covering this existing problem including -
  • "We strive for quality in everything we do, but banking is done by humans and sometimes there are mistakes.  (Head of corporate relations for National Australia Bank)"

    Newspaper = Australian Financial Review

  • “The giant ANZ banking group in Australia has agreed to pay compensation to certain customers...conceding that it had overcharged thousands of customers.”
          Newspaper = The Australian
Contact us now so we can make sure you are getting the best deal and also only paying the correct interest charges. 

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