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Final Property Inspections

If you have purchased a construction property you will need to do a final inspection once the property is complete. However you may not be able to personally inspect the property if you live either interstate or overseas.
Even if you are able to visit the property for this inspection you most likely will not be qualified or even know what to look for.
When assessing if a property has been built to standard and in line with all local council requirements, the fact is most of us have little idea.
The best time to cover any defects is before the final payment to the builder, so they have a vested interest in making sure your property reaches the standards needed.
As you have spent a large amount of money in constructing the property we recommend that you pay for an inspection agent to visit the property and do a full inspection to make sure any minor (or rarely major) problems are noted & fixed. This can even be tax deductible if it is an investment property.
This will help you avoid nasty and in some cases expensive surprises popping up in the near future after taking possession of the property. 
We have an agreement in place with one of Australia’s most respected inspection agencies that all of our clients will receive up to a $100 discount.
Please contact us so we can help arrange this valuable safe guard.
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