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Foreign Currency Loans
Are you looking to buy property in Australia or refinance your current mortgages and you earn a foreign currency to the Aussie dollar?
If so, using a foreign currency loan can be a way to greatly reduce the interest payments charged on your mortgage. It is possible to save literally thousands in interest every year.

Some of the foreign currency loans that can be used are currently under 3%.
There are currency risks involved in using one of these loans and some strategies to minimise this can be used. Maximum loan amounts are kept at 70% of the property value and they have slightly different terms to a standard Australian dollar loan. The foreign currency you are earning is a key factor in determining if you can access this style of lending as is your overall asset base and earnings level.
You can even look at combining Aussie dollar loans with a foreign currency loan.

To see if you qualify for a foreign currency loan or to discuss any of the points above please contact us so we can guide you through this exciting alternative to standard lending.

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