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Free Loan Health Check
We highly recommend that everyone reviews their current mortgage/s at least every 2 years.
As we have seen by the world financial markets and banking systems things can and do change quite quickly. If you are not conducting regular reviews of your current loans you may be literally wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars every year.
Balance Property & Finance will conduct a FREE loan health check. This health check is to determine if the current loan you have is still the best option for you.
Since the global financial crisis many lenders have disappeared, been sold to rivals or simply had to raise rates to survive. Some have charged through with little fuss at all while others have had to make massive policy and pricing changes.


The loan health check will identify if there is any current loan that can out perform your current product. If one is identified we can show exactly the per month amount you can save by taking the new lenders product. Considering there is over a full 1% rate difference across the current funding environment depending on existing current lender this could be thousands a year in savings.
If you would like to see just how much you may be able to save please complete the form below.
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