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Free Pre Approval


If you are getting ready or have already started to look for that perfect property you should consider getting a pre approval in place.
Just taking this simple step now can have a huge effect on the end result and the experience you have of purchasing a property.
A pre approval in most cases is FREE to obtain and does not carry any obligation to take the end loan. Most pre approvals will last 60 to 90 days with the exceptions being longer. If you do not find a property in this time, yet still would like to keep looking, it is much easier to have the pre approval extended than to get the process started from the beginning.
There are a few main reasons why every potential buyer should have a pre approval in place.
Time Saving - You may find your perfect property, however most contracts will only have a certain time to settle. If you do not settle on time it is common for contracts to have penalties. Even worse, you find your dream home only to waste time arranging a pre approval, then someone else who was prepared comes in and makes a confident offer straight away. Goodbye dream home!
Confirms Borrowing Capacity - You do not want to exchange on a contract only to find out you are not able to obtain the funding. Many people believe they are a great lending candidate as they are earning well etc., then find out some other aspect of their current situation has ruled them out from the funds they need. Finding yourself stuck in a contract you can not settle can be a very costly mistake.
Motivated Real Estate Agents - Most Australian property agents prefer to deal with pre approved clients. This makes complete business sense for them as they only then need to deal with clients that have the capacity to borrow and who show they are serious buyers. The number one fear of any sales agent and vendor is wasting time on a potential purchaser while the real buyers go by. A pre approval shows you are not there to waste time if the right property and right deal is found. You may even find a pre approval will give you some competitive advantage in negotiating the best price. A pre approved buyer is a quicker sale for both agent and vendor so it is not hard to see why they would be attracted to these buyers.
If you are thinking of buying, however you do not have a pre approval in place, please complete the form below. We will then email you a quick and easy form to gather some basic information. From this we can determine the best options available to you from our extensive panel of lenders. We will help you get started so you can look for a property with confidence.
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