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How Much Can I Borrow? 


It is highly recommended that before you even consider purchasing a property you check your capacity to borrow. This is to prevent you from being caught in a contract without the means to settle the property, causing a loss of the initial deposit.


While there are many sites that can offer a web page based assessment of your borrowing capacity these are very generic and offer little in the way of an accurate assessment. Particularly if you are an overseas borrower these generic assessments  are of no real value.


There are many options for financing an Australian property purchase and there are also many factors that can impact on the products that are offered to each client from the lenders. This will depend on issues such as -  

  • Your ability to service the debt
  • Your current liabilities
  • The style of property being purchased and sometimes its location
  • The currency in which you are earning
  • If you are an expat or an Australian resident

To give you a more accurate assessment of how much you can borrow we offer a personalised indicative pre approval to identify your current situation.


Please complete the form below. We will then email you a quick and easy form to gather some basic information. From there we search over our many lenders to ensure you have the capacity to borrow.

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