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If you have found a property, signed a contract or booked your flight to Australia to search and you don't have your pre approval in place you are potentially leaving yourself exposed to an expensive mistake.
Most contracts in Australia have certain time frames for settlement and if these are not met then penalties will usually apply. These are calculated daily so the longer you take after the original settlement date the more costly this mistake becomes.
Also if you are buying an off plan property purchase then covering your current borrowing capacity now and applying for an off plan pre approval is recommended.
Due to the fact an off plan purchase is binding from the time the contract is signed not when the property is built, you should take the time now to make sure you know what your capacity to borrow in Australia is. This will help stop any nasty surprises when the property is complete and avoid any financial losses.
If you find yourself in any of the above situations please complete the form below so one of our experts can contact you as quickly as possible to help minimise any potential problems.


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