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Specific Benefits of Using Balance Property & Finance

Independent Broker

Balance Property & Finance is independent, therefore not linked or controlled by any lender allowing us to give impartial advice. The ultimate loan and lender that we find for you is solely based on the best product for your individual needs. This allows us to always find the loan that best suits our client's personal situation and not the lenders. 
Greater Choice and Less Work For You
We have access to over 30 lenders therefore we are able to search across all their products and have the best loans for your situation located at any time. This would take days or weeks of your precious time for you to do yourself. We take care of the work with the lenders. Once you have supplied the needed documents we liaise with the lender, your agent and your solicitor to help facilitate a smooth process. This also includes working with these other professionals to fix any difficulties that may arise.

Friendly Ongoing Industry Advice


Importantly we are always here to help at any time, even after your loan settles, or if this is outside of finance. We are happy to discuss our experiences with insurance, solicitors, general finance, first home owner’s grants, foreign investment revue board rulings and property industry related issues. Many of our clients comment that this in itself was invaluable as they didn’t know where to start on many of the property purchasing and settlement aspects.


No Fee for Our Service


There is no fee (for loans $150,000 and above) for our service. At this stage we are still paid by the lenders for placing the loan and doing most of their work. So we do not charge our clients for our service.
Free Property Valuation Estimate


Every client that takes a loan greater than $200,000 is given a Free property value estimate at their 12 month anniversary conducted by one of Australia’s leading research companies. This Information is sourced from Valuer Generals offices around Australia and also over 8,900 real estate agencies.


Free Loan Audit


Every client of Balance Property & Finance at their 12 month loan anniversary has the option to send us their 12 months loan statements and we conduct a Free audit to make sure the lender has not overcharged any interest over the year (happens more often than you may expect). This may just literally save you hundreds. For more information please see "Bank Interest Audit"


Free Loan Health Check
Every client at each 2 year interval receives a Free loan health check if their current situation has not changed. This is the maximum time we believe should be between checks. If at any time before this our client's personal situation undergoes any major change we are always happy to conduct this earlier. For more information on this service please see "Free Loan Health Check".
Other Service Discounts


When your property construction is completed you will need to do a final inspection. However most clients either cannot make it to Aus for this or quite simply are not qualified in what to actually look for. We recommend that you pay for an inspection agent to visit the property and do a full inspection to make sure any minor (or rarely major) problems are noted and fixed. We have an agreement in place with one of Australia’s most respected inspection agencies that all our clients will receive up to a $100 discount.

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